Insurance for Tax Professionals including CIOT and ATT Members, Tax Advisers, Tax Technicians and Tax Accountants. Cover provided by Hiscox and Arranged by Stackhouse PolandArranged by Stackhouse Poland

About Us

What is TaxPro insurance?

This insurance product has been designed specifically to meet the professional indemnity requirements of members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Association of Tax Technicians.

Members of the CIOT and ATT are required to have professional indemnity cover in place to protect their business. We have designed a quick and simple method to provide this important cover for you.

What does TaxPro Insurance offer?

We offer a tailored wording suitable for professionals dealing in tax.

You will be covered for:

  • Broad civil liability cover – if it’s not excluded, it’s covered
  • Fidelity – we cover you for your own losses arising from the dishonesty of your employees or contractors (sub-limited to £250,000)
  • Dishonesty – we cover your liabilities arising from the dishonesty of your employees or contractors
  • Outstanding fees – we will pay your outstanding fees where we feel we can avoid a larger claim being made under the policy
  • Sub-contractors fees – we will pay sub-contractors you are committed to paying where we feel we can avoid a larger claim being made under the policy
  • Loss of documents – we provide rectification cover for important professional documents.

For tax professional firms buying professional indemnity cover, we have also included crisis containment cover as standard - this provides a fund of up to £25,000 to help should assistance with managing the media become required in the event of a claim.

Why choose TaxPro?

TaxPro Insurance is 100% underwritten by specialist insurer Hiscox and arranged by FCA regulated insurance broker Stackhouse Poland Ltd.

Hiscox, a FTSE 250 company, has over 100 years of experience of insuring clients, with our origins going back to 1901.

Specifically, Hiscox has been insuring tax professionals for more than ten years, so you can be confident we understand the risks faced in your industry.

Claims service is at the heart of our business and our philosophy is that superior claims handling should be based on fairness and common sense. We don’t behave like a typical insurance company and we remain committed to providing an extraordinary quality of service.

Stackhouse Poland are an independant traditional insurance brokerage established over 40 years ago.

Professional Indemnity has been the cornerstone of the expertise in Stackhouse Poland’s Chelmsford office (formerly Allison & Partners) since they were first formed in 1977.

The key attributes of Stackhouse Poland are:-

  • Relationship and advice driven
  • Provide excellent levels of client service
  • Maintain focus on niche areas which we understand
  • Focus on the ‘lifetime value’ of our clients